IS IRrELEVANCE Republic is an agency of creative activists who believe in vision over vanity. We have all seen work that didn’t work, thinking that wasn’t, answers that led to a landscape of disappointment. We are the product of great environments, mindful and strong thinking people – our creative has been featured everywhere from Davos to Cannes. We create sustainable ideas built from the inside out because courage, trust and better work practices make for more envied and more intelligent customers.
Brand troubleshooting No brand is perfect. The economy, perception, competition, audience, heritage, all influence how often a brand is loved. Or not. Our intention is not to erase a brand's past, but to right its present and future. Brand troubleshooting isn’t about changing the business fundamentals; it’s about finding new ways to bring brands to people. Technology changes, principles rarely do. Most agencies desire a relationship that allows the brand to hand–off. At Republic, it’s a handshake. We embrace all elements of a brand as it stands today so it will thrive tomorrow. Being proactive in the present means much more than being fast thinkers and movers of the moment.
There is no longer enough money in the world to buy attention for average ideas When we understand why a brand makes the products it does, in the way that it does, with the people it employs, we can amplify that ambition and share it with the world in a way that captures the imagination. Because the solution may not be just another advertising idea.
Intelligence not overhead Lots of agencies talk different because they know the importance of acting differently. But they’re not different. They have huge overhead. They live in big buildings. It’s where the costs are. It’s where the profits are. It’s where everything they care about is. Our foundation is stronger because it’s built on trust, transparency and knowledge of a better way.
A wolf in wolf’s
clothing Ideas can be sheep. Which is unfortunate for the idea and those who own them. As we know, ideas are meant to be untamed, viciously smart and prey on peoples’ emotions. As CMO, brand director, consultant, marketer, content creator or brand to-be, the idea about ideas is to want, create and own work that will not get eaten alive. Or worse, go unnoticed.
© 2016 Republic Group Inc. All rights reserved.
© 2016 Republic Group Inc. All rights reserved.